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Once my new modules are built they have to be aligned.
As I like the how-to shows, Norm makes a jig for everything.
So I feel one might be the best way to insure the alignment from mod to mod.

With the jig above I could make as many modules as I like and have the holes line up every time.


In Europe they sell a thing called a pattern maker dowel. They can be found at

If I use these I would still make a drilling jig to insure alignment
from module to module. But I have not made up my mind as yet.
However the cost to me of the "Pattern maker dowels" plus shipping
may make them very expensive. I feel that I would be able to produce
the same resulting joint using wood dowels and carriage bolts.


I have seen pictures of the trick below used to bridge the gaps between modules and plan to use it on my new layout.

I feel that by using the setup on the left side of the picture that the ballasting will hide the screws.

But if I need to transport the modules I will need a frame or plywood cover to protect the rail ends while in transit.

And by standing modules of the same size up on end I can stack them in an L7 configuration and attach the transport frames, letting me transport them in pairs without having to remove any structures or loose items.

Here is a link to a waffle Frame style of Module frame construction. Building 'waffle frame' modules They are both lite weight and strong. This style of construction while lite is how aircraft framing is constructed.


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