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The Green Cabin

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About Me

My name is Troy. I am a 51 year old retired male living in Georgia. I'm a tinker by hobby, I love taking a pail of junk and turning it into something else. As a young man I wondered the alleyways behind my home looking for junk and found lots of it. From radios and tape players to car parts. I would see what if anything I could fix or do something with. At one time in the tool shed I had installed car lights along with a car radio and an old TV.  I had what I thought was the coolest clubhouse in town.

Anyways I have made a living as a auto mechanic, a tire buster, a computer repairmen, a truck driver, a carpenter, a wreaker driver (a tow truck), three years of drafting. I'm the most annoying person you can know because I know a little about a lot of junk.