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The Green Cabin

My thoughts on how to setup a cabin and make it "GREEN"!

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Welcome to my Cabin or rather the planning of my cabin. I find myself at the age of 50 planning a cabin. Now I'm not a hippie type by no means but I did enjoy camping as a young man. So living in a cabin would suit me just fine. Really I just long for the simpler way of life. A way without all the bills and the hustle & bustle of city life. I want to wake up to birds singing and not horns blowing all hours of the day and night.

To that end I have been researching building a cabin and along the way, I've found tidbits of information about going green. So along with my cabin plans I have chosen to include the tidbits. Because if I manage to get everything put together, My cost of living will be dang near nothing and by producing my own power I could sell the excess to my local power company. Either way I will not have utility bills to deal with. So when the power grid goes down for what ever I can sit there watching TV eating popcorn.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A while back I picked up an Old motorhome with plans to make it into a green home, or I thought so and started doing research on the web for ways to make green power. Solar, wind, and water power. What I found is a lot of people selling the stuff to build the systems without telling you the basics of said systems. So you have to buy their book or have them come out and set it up for you. The lack of information on setting up the systems from scratch is very annoying and makes going green seem to be very expensive.

My Plan is to build a battery pack (a group of deep cycle batteries hooked together to store the power till needed). Recharge the battery pack with either Solar, Wind or Water power.

A long the way I have begun to think about building a "Cabin". I drawn up a few Basic plans. But along the way I have begun to watch "Planet Green". I find the show called "Planet Mechanics" to be very very interesting. Basically because I am a tinker by hobby. I grow up searching the ally-way behind our home and bring home all kinds of "Junk". Some good, some bad. But I loved playing with the junk and as a grew older I got into electronics and other things. But I still like the aspect of backyard engineering a pail of junk into something useful.

Monday, January 11, 2010

While searching the net today I found a great web site Michael Davis Publishing - Mike's World. I have found it to be very interesting. It explains how he built a "Wind Turbine" along with a "Solar Panel" or two and an a charge controller to keep tads on everything so the battery bank would not over charge. This web site covers the basics really well. I would like to thank Mr. Davis for his web site.

I plan to use the information myself to built my own version of both the "Wind Turbine" and the "Solar Panels". Such information is far and few between on the internet if you can find it at all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today I have been think of ways to use "LED's" (Light Emitting diodes) to light up my small cabin or motorhome. Basically because I'm planning on using a solar panel system to charge a battery bank of 12-volt deep cycle batteries anyway. So running a 12-volt DC line through-out the cabin would be easy and my motorhome already has a 12-volt light system in it. Besides LED's use less power and produce almost not heat. I will have to draw up a few designs for the led layout and a holder or case that can be found easily, then converted into what I need. Right now I'm thinking of a film case for a roll of 35mm film and a per made circuit board with soldering pads already on it. I have already checked on eBay for 12-volt leds and found some that will meet my needs. I just have to purchase them and start experimenting but I have to find my soldering iron and other electronic tools as I have moved in with family and most of my "stuff" is in storage.